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2 comprehensive 12-week music residency programs for MPS/Milwaukee Schools, have been created in response to: “Dearth of MPS music programs disproportionately affects low-income, African American students”.   Providing music programs for MPS as a residency is a deliberate effort to continue community enrichment and support for Milwaukee’s youth.

Realize Your Dream “Music In Me” for elementary students grades 3-5, and “Music With My Friends” for middle school students will help to close the gap and connect with Milwaukee’s urban youth through dedicated, city-based, hands-on, performing arts residencies.

The residencies are an extension of the Realize Your Dream Workshops held each summer, collaborating with organizations such as My Next Generation and Boys and Girls Clubs. These are fun, interactive, performing arts workshops.  

Here is a program to celebrate!  Music can be life-changing and Music in Me guides students in using the power of music to learn and grow in new ways that can change their lives.  The Music in Me program helps each student realize their unique creativity, gain new skills, communicate with others in new ways, and discover new levels of joy and excitement.  It enhances the experiences of a student that can lead to a more well-rounded education.  Music in Me is a high-quality program that assures every child has access to quality music education in their lives.” 

S. Jay Kennedy-PhD., Vice President for Academic Affairs/Vice Provost, Berklee College of Music


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Contact us for more information on bringing Music In Me to your classroom.

Email: or call 414-266-7067

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