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Kids From Wisconsin empowers Wisconsin's youth through performance and music enrichment experiences. Enhancing communities and lives with professional and affordable, performing arts experiences and providing music residencies in underserved communities. KFW uses their popular musical platform as a resource for change.

Our Vision


Providing opportunties for the state's talented youth to put on a Broadway-caliber show for nearly 120,000 people in cities large and small across the state


Inspiring more than 1,000 young, future performers in underserved communities across the state through free educational workshops and classroom curriculum


Working with communities, schools, arts organizations and supporting foundations to develop and deliver engaging, local arts enrichments programs

Our History

Since their founding in 1968 and first performance in 1969, the Kids From Wisconsin  has performed to over 10 million audience members at state and county fairs, festivals, national trade shows and conventions. Travels have taken them to many hometown stages as well as distinguished stages such as the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., the Performing Arts Center in Milwaukee, Cabo Hall in Detroit, the Convention Center in Atlantic City, and the Canadian National Exhibition, which at the time was the world’s largest fair.

In the early days before artists hired their own opening acts, The KIDS performed before the big-name artists. These included Dianna Ross and The Supremes, Guy Lombardo, Eddie Albert, James Darren, Liberace, Friends of Distinction, George Kirby, Pat Boone, Roger Miller (King of the Road), Sonny and Cher, Johnny Cash, John Davidson and many more.

Still today, the program remains a true professional experience and opportunity for growth both in leadership and as performers. It is a privilege and honor for students to take part in the Kids iconic program after an intense, audition process. Troupe members not only perform to thousands over the summer, but are also trained to provide a hands-on, performing arts workshops in many of the communities they perform, helping to spread the love of performing to youth ages 7-13.

Since 1969, there have been nearly 1000 alumni that have been part of Kids. 

The touring production performs live annually for more than 120,000 across Wisconsin and the Midwest, the Kids from Wisconsin presents top-of-the-line entertainment with some of Wisconsin’s most talented performers ages 15-20. The revue is produced in collaboration with some of the country's best writers, arrangers, and choreographers. Costumes are designed and created in Broadway style, adding to the already exciting performance. We maintain a broad repertoire of music that includes the American classics, big band hits, 50’s thru the 80's, swing/jazz, country, Broadway, and current top hits, filling a two-hour fully staged performance. The KIDS perform at state and county fairs, community concerts, fundraisers for non-profit organizations such as the Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, and other organizations, helping them to earn thousands of dollars for their organizations' cause, and at the same time support Wisconsin’s performing arts. The Kids from Wisconsin, to this day, maintain a large presence at the Wisconsin State Fair with performances twice daily on a main stage.

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