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Year-Round Residencies

Written by music educators and performing arts professionals, we created  residency programs which offer high energy and interactive sessions for all ages, with one common goal: every child deserves the opportunity to experience and enjoy the world of music.


RYD programming is free to qualifying schools and organizations! 

Residencies have proven to be an integral component in either supplementing or enhancing a curriculum in a classroom or extracurricular setting. Whether they become an appreciator of the arts or sessions inspire them to pursue the performing arts, our trained professional teaching artists assist students in developing social-emotional skills, communication skills, and more!

About Our Residencies

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Music In Me

Created for youth that have little to no access to music education or appreciation in an elementary classroom, Music In Me opens the door to the importance of music in their life. This uses interactive tools from all performing arts angles and is based in the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's Music Standards. 

The class ends with a final performance showcase,  leaving them empowered with the ability to connect to their community with music understanding.

For 3rd-5th grade students

12-session program

Music With My Friends

Inspiring middle to high school students to develop and showcase their performing attributes, Music With My Friends teaches positive and inspirational vocals,  challenging choreography, and collaborative coaching -all wrapped in a high-energy team building atmosphere. All abilities are welcome to this program, which focuses on showcasing the performers in a safe space, while also giving individual opportunities to those that want to shine and step out of their comfort zone.

The 12-20 minute final performance in this class is complete with choreography and high-energy!

For 6th-8th grade students (with expansion up to 12th)

10 to 12-session program


Introducing our new programs ...


Music In Me 2

Music In Us

Let your students unwind and TAKE 5 with our
5-session performing arts residencies

For all grade levels and all areas of the arts:

  • Vocal

  • Dance

  • Stage Presence

  • Audition skills

  • Basic music theory

  • Music composition

Sessions can correspond with musicals, concerts, or presentations OR they can pre-selected from our offerings based in core-curriculum content:

Science: Wild Things (Earth & Animals)

Math: Dr. Treblemaker's Music Machine

English Language Arts: Lyrical Literacy

Social Studies: 

Who Run the World? Girls!

Black Excellence

and more!

Social-Emotional Learning: This Is Me

Music In Me 2

Designed for 3rd - 5th grade students

Based in Wisconsin DPI Music Standards

12-session program that expands upon topics and content covered in Music In Me.

Best suited for schools and organizations who wish to continue their partnership with Realize Your Dream and make our programming an integral part of their offerings.

Just like Music In Me, the program culminates in a showcase of 2-3 songs that can be tailored to your organizations needs.

Music In Us

Designed for K-2nd grade students

Based in Wisconsin's DPI Music Standards

5-session program that introduces fundamental music concepts and music appreciation to young learners.

Best suited for schools and organizations looking to bring prepare their young students for more challenging programs or who are looking to add onto their Music In Me sessions.

Culminates in a showcase of one song for families, teachers, and administrators.

"This was an awesome experience that benefited our students in so many ways. I have seen [them] come our of their shells and confidently step into new roles while gaining knowledge of music notes and self. Kids From Wisconsin's Teaching Artists made learning fun and simple every step of the way."

Jody Rhodes, Executive Director of Neu-Life Community Development

Our current school and community partners ...

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Roosevelt Creative Arts Middle School

For more information or to determine your eligibility for free programming please contact our community enrichment and education department below.

Peggy Strimple, Programming Operations Director


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